Soursop medicinal benefits

Soursop, o atis (known as Sabana in Mindanao) is a tropical fruit that grows in every part in the Philippines. It’s not only gives delicious taste to us but contains medicinal applications that can improve human health.

The medicinal benefits can be found in the seeds and leaves.

Seeds. Pulverized seeds mixed with laundry soap and water can be an effective spray against caterpillars, armyworms and leafhoppers. Pulverized seeds are also effective against head lice. Here’s how. You need 1 cup baby oil and ½ cup atis seeds, powdered or ground. 1. Mix powdered or ground atis seeds and oil 2. Estimate the amount of oil and atis seeds according to hair length and thickness. The alkaloid of the seeds, however, can cause severe eye inflammation because it contains 45 percent of yellow non-drying oil which is an irritant poison. Be careful when applying this mixture.

Leaves. Do you have skin eruptions? Apply crushed fresh leaves on the area. Chewed leaves application on incisions after surgery causes proudflesh to disappear without leaving a scar.

For swollen feet and other inflammations, use soursop tea as wet compress. Use mashed young leaves as poultice to alleviate rheumatism and other skin infections like eczema. The sap of young leaves, which is considered parasitical, may induce pimple pus. Drinking tea leaves reduces fever, hypertension and blood sugar in diabetics by improving insulin production and cardiovascular health through the reduction of blood fats. It can alleviate insomnia because of the leaves antidepressant, sedative, and tranquilizing properties.

Based from Health and Home 2010


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